List of Craft Beer Bars in Thailand (Outside of Bangkok)

Welcome. You have just entered the dark realm of the most extensive list on Thai Craft Beer Bars outside of Bangkok. We all know the feeling of travelling to another city being unable to find a place to get a good Craft Beer. This list will be simple, there will not be a huge number of pictures or descriptions, basically, it will just be a long list of where you can find Thai Craft Beer all around Thailand. From Khorat in Isaan, to Chiang Rai in the north, and Yala in the south of Thailand.

I have left out Bangkok is simply because of there being too many to list. I also have a list called The Best Craft Beer Bars in Bangkok. The places with * also brew their own beer.

Craft Beer Bars in Central Thailand

Naturally, the Thai Craft Beer scene has spread from Bangkok to the regions just outside of it. It is still arguably the hottest region for craft beer in Thailand, but other provinces are slowly catching up.


Brown Ale Ayutthaya

Hua Hin

Tree House Café


Tasala Bar&Bistro

Nakhon Nayok

E.A.T. at Khao Yai* (Khao Yai)


Tapster Craft beer & Bar


Ale Loco


Fong Bear Sukhothai

Craft Beer Bars in Eastern Thailand

The Eastern Craft Beer Scene in Thailand has been one of the strongest ones from the beginning. With popular Craft Beers as Triple Pearl, Wizard Brew, CupG Brewing, and Brewrapha all coming from the region, it’s no surprise that there will be plenty of good bars as well.


The Six Taps*

Ale’s College

The Red Taps Bangsaen*

Teab Ta at Sri Racha


Garage Cafe’


Kuad Beer


The White Elephant (Koh Chang District)

Craft Beer Bars in Northern Thailand

The craft beer scene in Northern Thailand is booming. There’s plenty of places you can find some good Thai Craft Beers, and they also have their own brewers.

Chiang Mai

My Beer Friend Market*

Craffity Craft Beer & Home Bar

Ugo Restaurant & Thai Craft Beer Bar

The Craft Beer Factory

Beer Lab Chiang Mai

Namton’s House Bar – Local Craft Beer Bar

Chiang Rai

Hungry Wolf’s

OK!@Chiang Rai

Sanfran Burger & Bar


Where Do WE Go Lampang Taproom

Mae Hong Son

Jikko Beer (Pai)

Nakhon Sawan

Benny’s Café

9-Pints – The Gastro House

Craft Beer Bars in Southern Thailand

Hat Yai

Have A Good Beer


Lay Donyor Sea Food Good Beer


Homeless House

Surat Thani

Mouth 2 Mouth


Full Moon Brewworks


Corner Bar (Koh Lipe)


B.I.T Cafe and Bar



Craft Beer Bars in Isaan

One of the best beer trips I have made in Thailand was in Isaan. Thai Craft Beer is definitely making waves in this region, and you can find both good beers and good bars.

Buri Ram



Coffee Tree & Bar


Amuse Cafe’

Khon Kaen

Monsakod Tap bar (Former 24 Taps)

Outlaw Brewing (2nd Branch)*


Outlaw Brewing*

Tap Loei

Jo+ Beer (Chiang Kan District)*

Khorat (Nakhon Ratchasima)

Must So Kiss

Some Might Say

Udon Thani

The Udon TAP Taste House

Ubon Ratchathani

Saloon Coffee and Bar at Ubon

Ubon Tap Taste House

If you’re travelling to Cambodia, why not take a look at the list of Craft Beer Bars in Cambodia.


Stone Head – Hazelnut Stout – Thai Craft Beer Reviews

Stone Head Hazelnut Stout

The label on the bottle readsGreat Things Take Time“, the guys from Stone Head seems to be needing some more time with their Hazelnut Chocolate Stout. Not a very impressive work at all.

There’s a small head to the beer when poured which disappears very quickly. The aroma is so faint that I could hardly get any sense at all what they are trying to achieve.

When I took my first sip of the beer I thought to myself, “Have they mistakenly dropped a bunch of limes in their fermentation tank?”. A weird sour taste took me aback like there’s no tomorrow. What the hell have they been trying to do?

After a few more sips I kind of got used to the sour flavour, but it was still no pleasure to the palate. I start feeling some chocolate flavours but it´s all overpowered by the sour taste. Slight hint of hazelnut but there’s no depth to the flavours and they disappear as fast as the beer went down my throat.

The hazelnut chocolate stout has a medium body and could be quite easily drinkable if the taste was better. Although I’ve had way worse beers, I see no particular reason why anyone would prefer this stout over others.

Stone Head

Stone Head is a Thai Craft Beer brand that operates their own brewery in Koh Kong, Cambodia. Like many other Thai Craft Brewers, they escaped the country to pursue their passion and with the intent of selling their beer legally in their home country. As you might know, brewing beer is illegal in Thailand and getting the necessary licenses to do so is near to impossible. Currently, their brewery in Cambodia has the capacity to produce around 3000 litres a day. One of their passion is also to include traditional Thai ingredients to their beer.

You can read more about these Thai Craft Beer Brewers and their beers at:

Sandport Beer – Thai Craft Brewer Profile

Sandport Beer Logo


Back in 2014, there were not many brewers around in Thailand. The year 2014 was also the years the guys from Sandport Beer decided to start their brewing seriously. Today Sandport Beer is a partnership between 12 brewers all passionate about the Thai Craft Beer Scene.

The name Sandport comes from the name of the Ta Sai district in Bangkok where it all started from. Ta Sai is literally translated to Sandport.


It is said that Sandport Beer was one of the first Thai Craft Beer Brewers to go fully legal in the country’s harsh legal environment regarding homemade alcohol. Unfortunately, also they had to move their production abroad. They started brewing at Redpoint Brewery in Taiwan, but now brew at Kingdom Breweries in Cambodia.


One particular beer to keep your eyes open for is Sandport’s Bang Bang IPA. The beer won a bronze medal in Australian International Beer Awards, in 2017.

If you want to read more about Sandport’s beers, have a look at out beer profiles that list the best Thai Craft Beers on the market.

Bang Bang IPA – A typical American style IPA.
Wheat Boom – A wheat beer spiced with coriander seeds and kaffir lime leaves.

If you are interested in sampling Sandport’s beers, they have a bar in Lak Si district of Bangkok called The Fellowship of Beer by Sandport. The bar is open every day from 17:00 to 01:00.

Address: 345/22 Soi Ngam Wong Wan, 47 Yaek 42, Khwaeng Thung Song Hong, Khet Lak Si, Nonthaburi

Sandport Beer Facebook Page

Happy New Beer – Pilsner – Thai Craft Beer

Happy New Beer Pilsner Thai Craft Beer

Got Happy New Beer’s pilsner at The Fat Cow on Ladphrao Road.

First, I need to say that the beer looks fantastic. It pours with an impressive frothy head and it looks a bit hazy like many Pilsners do. I do, however, like my Pilsners crisp, and while Happy New Beer’s pilsner is smooth, it lacks the crispiness of the Czech-style pilsner I normally like. That should mean it’s definitely made in the way the Dutch make their pilsners.

The mouthfeel of this Thai pilsner is a bit heavier than usual. It feels like they have overdone the hopping because it is very hop-heavy for a pilsner. The same applies to the aroma. Happy New Beer is otherwise one of the best Thai Craft Beers on the market, but their pilsner is a bit of a letdown. Having said that, pilsner is not an easy style to brew. It seems like they have made the hops more important than the pilsner malts that should be the main focus in this kind of beer.

If you’re interested in their other beers you can check out the Grapefruit New England IPA.

Happy New Beer is one of the Thai Craft Beers that is brewed abroad. While most Thai Beers are brewed in Asia, this brewer actually brews this beer in Australia (the 500ml cans are brewed in the US). They also operate a bar in Khao Yai called E.A.T. At Khao Yai.

Beer Profile:
Name: Happy New Pilsner
Brewer: Happy New Beer
Brewed in: USA
Style: Pilsner
ABV: 5.0%


Sandport Beer – Wheat Boom – Thai Craft Beer Review

Sandport Beer Wheat Boom Thai Craft Beer

Wheat Boom White Ale from Sandport beer is brewed with the classic Pilsner malt, in addition to Wheat and Carapils. To create a smooth beer also Oat flakes are used in the brewing process. It’s a balanced Wheat beer that is also using kaffir lime leaves and coriander seeds.

Beer Profile:
Name: Wheat Boom
Brewer: Sandport Beer
Brewed in: Kingdom Breweries, Cambodia
Style: White Ale
ABV: 5.4%
Flavour profile: Tropical, Citrus, Floral

Who is Sandport Beer?
Sandport is a Thai Craft Beer Brewer that has been around since 2014. Their team consists of 12 passionate brewers, and they also have a bar in Bangkok called The Fellowship of Beer by Sandport, where you can try their different brews.

Don’t forget to check out our review of Sandport Beer’s Bang Bang IPA.

Sandport Beer – Bang Bang IPA – Thai Craft Beer Review

Sandport Beer Bang Bang IPA Thai Craft Beer

Bang Bang IPA is a classic IPA by Thai Craft Brewer Sandport Beer. This is the flagship IPA of these brewers, and the hops used in the beer are Columbus, Amarillo, Mosaic, and Cascade. This mixture of hops results in a flavour and aroma that is typical of a tropical American style India Pale Ale.

The Bang Bang IPA won a bronze medal for Best IPA at Australia International Beer Award 2017.

Beer Profile:
Name: Bang Bang IPA
Brewer: Sandport Beer
Brewed in: Kingdom Breweries, Cambodia
Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6%
IBU: 53
Flavour Profile: Tropical, Citrus, Floral

Who is Sandport Beer?
Sandport Beer is one of the original Thai Craft Beer brewers and they have been brewing since 2014. There’s a total of 12 brewers brewing for Sandport, most of their beers are brewed at Kingdom Breweries in Cambodia. They also have a bar in Lak Si district of Bangkok, the bar is called Fellowship of Beer by Sandport.

Facebook page:



Happy New Beer – Grapefruit New England IPA – Thai Craft Beer Review

Happy new beer grapefruit IPA thai craft beer

When I saw the label of the Grapefruit IPA for the first time, I thought, “fair enough”, but when I read it is supposed to be a New England IPA it really raised my interest.

Happy New Beer is one of the Thai Craft Beers that have been around for a very long time. I have written a few articles about them before, and if you’re interested you can, for example, look at my writeup about their Pilsner by clicking here.

I had the Grapefruit IPA in a can the same week they released it. There is not much of a head, but with a New England I’m expecting haziness. There is none…

New England IPA’s are still quite rare in the Thai Craft Beer Market, and it kind of feels like the fad was over before it even arrived. However, I might be wrong and it might well be that Happy New Beer will reinforce the trend with this beer.

Compared to every other single New England IPA I’ve had, this beer pours very clear. Medium head. The aroma is very hoppy as expected, and although it, according to me, doesn’t really look like an IPA, it kind of tastes like one. It has this flavour of hop residue, with a hint of grapefruit as promised.

Beer Profile:
Name: Grapefruit New England IPA
Brewer: Happy New Beer
Brewed in: USA
Style: New England IPA
ABV: 6%


Silom Brewing – Bad Bear Stout – Thai Craft Beer Review

Silom Brewing Bad Bear Stout

The reason I chose this beer was because of the logo. Big Bad Beer is something I like, and obviously, something I want to drink. It was also something I wanted to end my night with. And I was not disappointed.

This Thai craft beer from Silom Beer has a nice mixture of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. None of these flavours were overpowering, instead, it was a very balanced beer. For some reason, I could feel some fruit notes in the flavour, and the beer was also very easy to drink. It doesn’t matter how much I generally like the dark malts lingering on my palate, this was still a very good and refreshing stout.

The Bad Bear Stout could have had a heavier body, but for a change, it is nice to drink an easy drinking stout that is tastier than a Guinness.

Made by Thai Craft Brewer Silom Beer. No ABV on the label!

Beer Profile:
Name: Bad Bear Stout
Brewer: Silom Brewing
Brewed in: N/A
Style: Stout

Fatty’s Bar & Diner – Craft Beer Bar Review

Fatty's Bar & Diner Logo

Known for their burgers, Fatty’s Bar & Diner is not a craft beer bar per se, but they do have a decent amount of craft beers (including some Thai ones) and the owner has a big love for beers.

While the craft beer assortment isn’t huge, they still offer a fairly good amount of international and Thai craft beers. The selection is quite IPA-heavy, but there’s not much that beats a great burger and a good IPA.

Some patrons have said that the crowd is a bit cliquey, however, whether or not this is true, this should not deter you from visiting as it is a very friendly bunch. It also used to be the go-to place for live music in Bangkok, although these days the events are held only occasionally. If you want to see some local talent you can always go on Tuesdays and enjoy the open mic night. As for now, the only open mic nights I know about is this one and the one at Det5 at Sukhumvit soi 8.

Fatty's Craft Beer Selection

Food at Fatty’s Bar & Diner consists of burgers, hot dogs & sandwiches, but also jalapeno poppers and other things very American. It’s a great hole in the wall, but if you want to enjoy a craft beer and their burgers in a more upscale venue, you can always check out Matt’s (the owner) other venue The Fat Tap at Ekkamai.

For you lost souls who have come to this website but loves commercial lagers, most bottles of Thai beers are under a hundred baht. Don’t forget to check out our list of other craft beer bars in Bangkok.

CupG – Newbie IPA – Thai Craft Beer Review

CupG Newbie IPA Thai Craft Beer

The Newbie IPA is a beer from Ayutthaya based Thai Craft beer brewer CupG.

The Newbie IPA pours with a nice head that disappears relatively fast.  It has the aroma of tropical fruit which is balanced out with some alcohol which can be expected from a beer with 7.2 ABV. Flavour is also full of tropical fruits and hops, notable lack of bitterness and no lingering aftertaste which makes the beer very smooth and easy to drink. Amber colour.

Medium to high carbonation and medium to full-bodied mouthfeel. Slight hints of roasted malts and pine.

Quoting from someone on Untappd: “This ogre’s alluring voice rasps with ear-pleasing alliteration and rhyme, an unlikely lass who lingers in the land of the typically bland.”

Do you agree?