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Outlaw Brewing West Coast IPA

As the name states, his beer is Outlaw’s take on the West Coast IPA. It has been widely available in supermarkets in Thailand for the past few months, as has Outlaw’s Gateway and Showdown IPA. I picked this one up at the mall Bang Kae for 109 baht, a steal in comparison to other beers of similar quality.

A west coast IPA is a style that is usually quite hoppy, has a relative bitterness to back it up, and usually isn’t very sweet. Outlaw’s West Coast IPA pours a golden colour. It has a very creamy mouthfeel. I get a lot of Mango which makes the beer feel a bit sweet. Apart from that, there’s plenty of tropical fruit that is usually the case with this style of beer.

While it doesn’t need it, I couldn’t help to think that some more carbonation would have been very interesting to see in this beer. Outlaw Brewing has previously been brewing at Kingdom Breweries in Cambodia, but I think this version of the West Coast IPA is brewed in Vietnam.

Outlaw Brewing is a Thai craft beer brewer based in Loei. It’s run by a Canadian and his wife. If you are interested in reading more about them I have previously written articles like the review of the Mosaic IPA, something about their first craft beer bar in Loei, and their second branch in Khon Kaen.

ABV: 6%
IBU: 40
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