BaanBangkok – Craft Beer Bar in Bangkok

BaanBangkok Craft Beer Bar in Bangkok

BaanBangkok has opened on its new location on Sri Ayutthaya Road. This Craft Beer Bar is huge but very homely. They have different games like Fussball and Beer Pong scattered around the bar, and of course plenty of Craft Beers from Thailand and also international ones. It’s without a doubt a place that makes you feel home, hence the Baan (house) in their name. Last time I visited they had the Outlaw Imperial Stout and Hop Hog’s Yellow Hog on tap, in addition to quite a few bottles.

Location: 253/1 ถ. ศรีอยุธยา แขวง วชิรพยาบาล เขต ดุสิต 10300 Bangkok, Thailand

Phone:+66 89 178 4887


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