Beer Republic – Craft Beer Bar in Bangkok

Beer Republic Logo Craft Beer in Bangkok

Beer Republic is located very much in the heart of Bangkok, close to the Ratchaprarop intersection and Bangkok’s largest shopping mall, Central World.

The location is huge and features an indoor area and another area that is semi-outdoors (smoking allowed). The inside area is quite cosy, whereas the outdoors reminds me a bit of an Irish Pub, in their own words it’s a 1920’s European industrial warehouse inspired bar.

Staff was very attentive and friendly, and they have over 70 different craft beers and serve both Thai & European bar food. Beers are not cheap (a lot of the pints were around 300++), but I guess this could be expected from such a huge place in such a location as Beer Republic.

If you’re looking for some Thai Craft Beers, they have several options including Lamzing and Bootleg Brothers Brewing. They also seem to be offering live music for most of the nights. Football also seems high on their agenda, sometimes maybe even more so than craft beer. I’m also not sure how knowledgeable the staff is about the beer they’re selling, but It’s an alright place to go for a quick fix of Belgian beers or Thai craft beer if you’re in the hood. It is, however, not an intimate place for the true beer lover.

Visited mid-2018 so this article a throwback.

Opening Hours: 11:30 – 01:00

Beers: Thai craft beer, American craft beer, Belgian beers, some commercial lagers (Budweiser)
Food: Thai & European

Pictures from Beer Republic’s Facebook Page.