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Back in 2014, there were not many brewers around in Thailand. The year 2014 was also the years the guys from Sandport Beer decided to start their brewing seriously. Today Sandport Beer is a partnership between 12 brewers all passionate about the Thai Craft Beer Scene.

The name Sandport comes from the name of the Ta Sai district in Bangkok where it all started from. Ta Sai is literally translated to Sandport.


It is said that Sandport Beer was one of the first Thai Craft Beer Brewers to go fully legal in the country’s harsh legal environment regarding homemade alcohol. Unfortunately, also they had to move their production abroad. They started brewing at Redpoint Brewery in Taiwan, but now brew at Kingdom Breweries in Cambodia.


One particular beer to keep your eyes open for is Sandport’s Bang Bang IPA. The beer won a bronze medal in Australian International Beer Awards, in 2017.

If you want to read more about Sandport’s beers, have a look at out beer profiles that list the best Thai Craft Beers on the market.

Bang Bang IPA – A typical American style IPA.
Wheat Boom – A wheat beer spiced with coriander seeds and kaffir lime leaves.

If you are interested in sampling Sandport’s beers, they have a bar in Lak Si district of Bangkok called The Fellowship of Beer by Sandport. The bar is open every day from 17:00 to 01:00.

Address: 345/22 Soi Ngam Wong Wan, 47 Yaek 42, Khwaeng Thung Song Hong, Khet Lak Si, Nonthaburi

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