The Fat Cow – Bang Wa Branch

I have been a regular customer to legendary Bangkok craft beer place Fat Cow at Lad Phrao almost since the beginning. It was in one way or another one of my local hangouts and I have always enjoyed going there for a drink or five. There was the short story of Fat Cow on the roof that quickly got sold but now there’s finally a second branch in Bang Wa. This place opened at the end of 2019 and I’ve been meaning to check it out for a long time.

I went there in February 2020 and the first impression was that there are many similarities between the original one at Lad Phrao. It only took me a few seconds to start seeing and feeling the difference though. Whereas Fat Cow Lad Phrao always has been beer oriented they eventually got really popular for their food. Fat Cow Bang Wa seems to be a bit more about the food than the beer but craft beer is still very much in focus. I was a bit confused in the beginning where to find the beer list. Eventually, and ironically, I found the tap list at the exact same place as it is in Fat Cow Lad Phrao, above the entrance.

When I visited they had 8 different beers on tap including the Fort Gypsy Moth from Eleventh Fort and Behemoth Brewing, beers from Hophog, TwoTwen, and Paul’s beer. A decent list and the first time I walked through the premises I couldn’t find a beer fridge like in the Lad Phrao branch. A little later I walked through the place again and I found a fridge filled with beers from several different brewers, including Happy New Beer and Papa Tods. I have no idea how I could have missed it in the beginning. Unfortunately, they do not really have any of the difficult-to-find beers anymore that Fat Cow Lad Phrao was famous for.

Fort Gypsy Moth Eleventh Fort and Behemoth Brewing

Fat Cow Bang Wa is located in a very deep shophouse as opposed to the small corner spot of Fat Cow Lad Phrao. This makes it a bit less intimate and perhaps also a bit less social. I went in the afternoon so not sure how the atmosphere would be later in the evening. The decor is still very similar to the Lad Phrao branch. The small bricks on the wall, wooden tables, and a very similar menu.

Although the Lad Phrao branch will always the one and only original Fat Cow, it’s nice to have a Fat Cow even in this part of town. It’s a very nice spot to have a few Thai craft beers if you’re in the Bang Wa area.

The beers I had at Fat Cow Bang Na were the Fort Gypsy Moth from Behemoth and Eleventh Fort and a double dry-hopped IPA from Maelameird.

Beer Republic – Craft Beer Bar in Bangkok

Beer Republic Logo Craft Beer in Bangkok

Beer Republic is located very much in the heart of Bangkok, close to the Ratchaprarop intersection and Bangkok’s largest shopping mall, Central World.

The location is huge and features an indoor area and another area that is semi-outdoors (smoking allowed). The inside area is quite cosy, whereas the outdoors reminds me a bit of an Irish Pub, in their own words it’s a 1920’s European industrial warehouse inspired bar.

Staff was very attentive and friendly, and they have over 70 different craft beers and serve both Thai & European bar food. Beers are not cheap (a lot of the pints were around 300++), but I guess this could be expected from such a huge place in such a location as Beer Republic.

If you’re looking for some Thai Craft Beers, they have several options including Lamzing and Bootleg Brothers Brewing. They also seem to be offering live music for most of the nights. Football also seems high on their agenda, sometimes maybe even more so than craft beer. I’m also not sure how knowledgeable the staff is about the beer they’re selling, but It’s an alright place to go for a quick fix of Belgian beers or Thai craft beer if you’re in the hood. It is, however, not an intimate place for the true beer lover.

Visited mid-2018 so this article a throwback.

Opening Hours: 11:30 – 01:00

Beers: Thai craft beer, American craft beer, Belgian beers, some commercial lagers (Budweiser)
Food: Thai & European

Pictures from Beer Republic’s Facebook Page.

Mikkeller opens new spot at Siam Discovery

Mikkeller Discover Craft Beer in Bangkok

Mikkeller probably doesn’t need much introduction nor do they need help with spreading their name but I still thought I’d write a bit about their new venture which is Mikkeller Discovery. As could be imagined from the name of the place their newest bar can be found at the shopping mall Siam Discovery.

The grand opening was on the 20th of April. It’s basically a bottle shop selling their beers but it’s also part craft beer bar. That of course means it’s a great place to sit down and have a cold one while you’re girlfriend is shopping in one of the shopping malls around Siam.

Mikkeller Discovery has a selection of over 50 bottles but also 10 different taps. People say it’s quite difficult to find behind interiors, pillows and clothing but has generally received good reviews.

Don’t forget to check out their original bar in Ekkamai which already has been up and running for more than 5 years and the newer Mikkeller Ari.

Facebook page

If you’re looking for more craft beer in Bangkok you can always check out our craft beer bar guide.

BaanBangkok – Craft Beer Bar in Bangkok

BaanBangkok Craft Beer Bar in Bangkok

BaanBangkok has opened on its new location on Sri Ayutthaya Road. This Craft Beer Bar is huge but very homely. They have different games like Fussball and Beer Pong scattered around the bar, and of course plenty of Craft Beers from Thailand and also international ones. It’s without a doubt a place that makes you feel home, hence the Baan (house) in their name. Last time I visited they had the Outlaw Imperial Stout and Hop Hog’s Yellow Hog on tap, in addition to quite a few bottles.

Location: 253/1 ถ. ศรีอยุธยา แขวง วชิรพยาบาล เขต ดุสิต 10300 Bangkok, Thailand

Phone:+66 89 178 4887


Fatty’s Bar & Diner – Craft Beer Bar Review

Fatty's Bar & Diner Logo

Known for their burgers, Fatty’s Bar & Diner is not a craft beer bar per se, but they do have a decent amount of craft beers (including some Thai ones) and the owner has a big love for beers.

While the craft beer assortment isn’t huge, they still offer a fairly good amount of international and Thai craft beers. The selection is quite IPA-heavy, but there’s not much that beats a great burger and a good IPA.

Some patrons have said that the crowd is a bit cliquey, however, whether or not this is true, this should not deter you from visiting as it is a very friendly bunch. It also used to be the go-to place for live music in Bangkok, although these days the events are held only occasionally. If you want to see some local talent you can always go on Tuesdays and enjoy the open mic night. As for now, the only open mic nights I know about is this one and the one at Det5 at Sukhumvit soi 8.

Fatty's Craft Beer Selection

Food at Fatty’s Bar & Diner consists of burgers, hot dogs & sandwiches, but also jalapeno poppers and other things very American. It’s a great hole in the wall, but if you want to enjoy a craft beer and their burgers in a more upscale venue, you can always check out Matt’s (the owner) other venue The Fat Tap at Ekkamai.

For you lost souls who have come to this website but loves commercial lagers, most bottles of Thai beers are under a hundred baht. Don’t forget to check out our list of other craft beer bars in Bangkok.