List of Craft Beer Bars in Thailand (Outside of Bangkok)

Welcome. You have just entered the dark realm of the most extensive list on Thai Craft Beer Bars outside of Bangkok. We all know the feeling of travelling to another city being unable to find a place to get a good Craft Beer. This list will be simple, there will not be a huge number of pictures or descriptions, basically, it will just be a long list of where you can find Thai Craft Beer all around Thailand. From Khorat in Isaan, to Chiang Rai in the north, and Yala in the south of Thailand.

I have left out Bangkok is simply because of there being too many to list. I also have a list called The Best Craft Beer Bars in Bangkok. The places with * also brew their own beer.

Craft Beer Bars in Central Thailand

Naturally, the Thai Craft Beer scene has spread from Bangkok to the regions just outside of it. It is still arguably the hottest region for craft beer in Thailand, but other provinces are slowly catching up.


Brown Ale Ayutthaya

Hua Hin

Tree House Café


Tasala Bar&Bistro

Nakhon Nayok

E.A.T. at Khao Yai* (Khao Yai)


Tapster Craft beer & Bar


Ale Loco


Fong Bear Sukhothai

Craft Beer Bars in Eastern Thailand

The Eastern Craft Beer Scene in Thailand has been one of the strongest ones from the beginning. With popular Craft Beers as Triple Pearl, Wizard Brew, CupG Brewing, and Brewrapha all coming from the region, it’s no surprise that there will be plenty of good bars as well.


The Six Taps*

Ale’s College

The Red Taps Bangsaen*

Teab Ta at Sri Racha


Garage Cafe’


Kuad Beer


The White Elephant (Koh Chang District)

Craft Beer Bars in Northern Thailand

The craft beer scene in Northern Thailand is booming. There’s plenty of places you can find some good Thai Craft Beers, and they also have their own brewers.

Chiang Mai

My Beer Friend Market*

Craffity Craft Beer & Home Bar

Ugo Restaurant & Thai Craft Beer Bar

The Craft Beer Factory

Beer Lab Chiang Mai

Namton’s House Bar – Local Craft Beer Bar

Chiang Rai

Hungry Wolf’s

OK!@Chiang Rai

Sanfran Burger & Bar


Where Do WE Go Lampang Taproom

Mae Hong Son

Jikko Beer (Pai)

Nakhon Sawan

Benny’s Café

9-Pints – The Gastro House

Craft Beer Bars in Southern Thailand

Hat Yai

Have A Good Beer


Lay Donyor Sea Food Good Beer


Homeless House

Surat Thani

Mouth 2 Mouth


Full Moon Brewworks


Corner Bar (Koh Lipe)


B.I.T Cafe and Bar



Craft Beer Bars in Isaan

One of the best beer trips I have made in Thailand was in Isaan. Thai Craft Beer is definitely making waves in this region, and you can find both good beers and good bars.

Buri Ram



Coffee Tree & Bar


Amuse Cafe’

Khon Kaen

Monsakod Tap bar (Former 24 Taps)

Outlaw Brewing (2nd Branch)*


Outlaw Brewing*

Tap Loei

Jo+ Beer (Chiang Kan District)*

Khorat (Nakhon Ratchasima)

Must So Kiss

Some Might Say

Udon Thani

The Udon TAP Taste House

Ubon Ratchathani

Saloon Coffee and Bar at Ubon

Ubon Tap Taste House

If you’re travelling to Cambodia, why not take a look at the list of Craft Beer Bars in Cambodia.


Silom Brewing – Bad Bear Stout – Thai Craft Beer Review

Silom Brewing Bad Bear Stout

The reason I chose this beer was because of the logo. Big Bad Beer is something I like, and obviously, something I want to drink. It was also something I wanted to end my night with. And I was not disappointed.

This Thai craft beer from Silom Beer has a nice mixture of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. None of these flavours were overpowering, instead, it was a very balanced beer. For some reason, I could feel some fruit notes in the flavour, and the beer was also very easy to drink. It doesn’t matter how much I generally like the dark malts lingering on my palate, this was still a very good and refreshing stout.

The Bad Bear Stout could have had a heavier body, but for a change, it is nice to drink an easy drinking stout that is tastier than a Guinness.

Made by Thai Craft Brewer Silom Beer. No ABV on the label!

Beer Profile:
Name: Bad Bear Stout
Brewer: Silom Brewing
Brewed in: N/A
Style: Stout

The Fat Cow – Craft Beer Bar Review

The fat cow thai craft beer bar

The Fat Cow is a small corner bar at Lad Phrao in Bangkok, that has received notable success for a few different reasons. Part of the success is because they are serving Thai Craft Beers that come in “limited editions”, but also because they have no international craft beers and, of course, for their delicious burgers.

It’s a small place so it can get very crammed at times. It’s a bit of a place that is either too busy or too quiet. Nevertheless, I have always enjoyed my time at the Fat Cow, the owner Manuel is also very friendly. If you’re looking for staff that are very knowledgeable about Thai Craft Beers, you should maybe not visit when Manuel isn’t there, but even his regular staff are slowly learning the drill.

Dutch Bitterballen At The Fat Cow

Prices at this place are very reasonable for Bangkok standards. Most Thai Craft Beers on tap can be had for 160-200 baht.

Manuel, the owner of The Fat Cow has also recently opened a Thai Craft Beer bar at Petchaburi road, called The Fat Cow on the Roof (Update, it has changed owners since of October 2018), it has a similar selection of food and beers, but a rooftop view is always a nicer view than looking at Lad Phrao road in rush hour. The Fat Cow is truly one of the OG bars staying true to the craft beer scene in Bangkok. I highly recommend.

Location: Corner of Ladphrao soi 15
Fat Cow’s Facebook Page