Outlaw Brewing – Mosaic IPA Can – Thai Craft Beer Review

Mosaic IPA Can Thai Craft Beer

Outlaw Brewing has, without a doubt, been making its mark on the Thai craft beer scene with their great beers. Recently they have also tried to make their beers more easily available (read “not so outlaw”) to the craft beer lovers of Thailand.

Mosaic IPA – Short Story

Initially, this beer started selling at Family Mart. It sold for only 99 baht a can, which is to date the most affordable Thai Craft Beer, except Bannok’s two beers, Kiss me Deadly & Honey Bomb. Outlaw’s time on the Family Mart shelves was unfortunately short-lived and the Mosaic IPA disappeared from the shelves after the first order.

The brewer Mike, however, continued to work hard and shortly thereafter managed to get a few of his beers stocked at places like Makro, Villa Market and Tops Market. Currently, you can find the Mosaic IPA, Gateway IPA, and the Showdown IPA at these locations.

Closeup Mosaic IPA Outlaw Brewing

Tasting Notes

The Mosaic IPA is a single malt hop brewed with the, you guessed right, Mosaic Hop. The first thing I realized when I poured the beer was that the beer must be quite heavily dry-hopped because I didn’t even have my nose close to the glass and I could feel the peculiar aroma of the mosaic hop. Mango and Pineapple is especially prevalent in this one.

I proceeded with drinking the beer and initially recognized an intense sweetness. Another thing I realised was the lack of carbonation, which to me was a bit of a surprise. The flavours are in line with the aroma and there’s a substantial bitterness to round off the sweetness and the drinking experience. It leaves a nice bitter aftertaste which was very appreciated. Medium body, amber in colour.

It’s fantastic to start seeing great Thai Craft Beer being readily available at a bit more affordable prices. This will surely not be the last craft beer we’ll see in stores like Makro, and we hope this trend will explode as a case of over-carbonated Chang bottles.

This is a write-up about the can, not the bottled version that has been around for a longer time.

ABV: 6,5%
Brewed by:
 Phnom Penh Brewery (Can), Kingdom Breweries (Bottle)
Also won the Chairman’s Selection in 2018 Asia Beer Championship