Fatty’s Bar & Diner – Craft Beer Bar Review

Fatty's Bar & Diner Logo

Known for their burgers, Fatty’s Bar & Diner is not a craft beer bar per se, but they do have a decent amount of craft beers (including some Thai ones) and the owner has a big love for beers.

While the craft beer assortment isn’t huge, they still offer a fairly good amount of international and Thai craft beers. The selection is quite IPA-heavy, but there’s not much that beats a great burger and a good IPA.

Some patrons have said that the crowd is a bit cliquey, however, whether or not this is true, this should not deter you from visiting as it is a very friendly bunch. It also used to be the go-to place for live music in Bangkok, although these days the events are held only occasionally. If you want to see some local talent you can always go on Tuesdays and enjoy the open mic night. As for now, the only open mic nights I know about is this one and the one at Det5 at Sukhumvit soi 8.

Fatty's Craft Beer Selection

Food at Fatty’s Bar & Diner consists of burgers, hot dogs & sandwiches, but also jalapeno poppers and other things very American. It’s a great hole in the wall, but if you want to enjoy a craft beer and their burgers in a more upscale venue, you can always check out Matt’s (the owner) other venue The Fat Tap at Ekkamai.

For you lost souls who have come to this website but loves commercial lagers, most bottles of Thai beers are under a hundred baht. Don’t forget to check out our list of other craft beer bars in Bangkok.

CupG – Newbie IPA – Thai Craft Beer Review

CupG Newbie IPA Thai Craft Beer

The Newbie IPA is a beer from Ayutthaya based Thai Craft beer brewer CupG.

The Newbie IPA pours with a nice head that disappears relatively fast.  It has the aroma of tropical fruit which is balanced out with some alcohol which can be expected from a beer with 7.2 ABV. Flavour is also full of tropical fruits and hops, notable lack of bitterness and no lingering aftertaste which makes the beer very smooth and easy to drink. Amber colour.

Medium to high carbonation and medium to full-bodied mouthfeel. Slight hints of roasted malts and pine.

Quoting from someone on Untappd: “This ogre’s alluring voice rasps with ear-pleasing alliteration and rhyme, an unlikely lass who lingers in the land of the typically bland.”

Do you agree?

The Fat Cow – Craft Beer Bar Review

The fat cow thai craft beer bar

The Fat Cow is a small corner bar at Lad Phrao in Bangkok, that has received notable success for a few different reasons. Part of the success is because they are serving Thai Craft Beers that come in “limited editions”, but also because they have no international craft beers and, of course, for their delicious burgers.

It’s a small place so it can get very crammed at times. It’s a bit of a place that is either too busy or too quiet. Nevertheless, I have always enjoyed my time at the Fat Cow, the owner Manuel is also very friendly. If you’re looking for staff that are very knowledgeable about Thai Craft Beers, you should maybe not visit when Manuel isn’t there, but even his regular staff are slowly learning the drill.

Dutch Bitterballen At The Fat Cow

Prices at this place are very reasonable for Bangkok standards. Most Thai Craft Beers on tap can be had for 160-200 baht.

Manuel, the owner of The Fat Cow has also recently opened a Thai Craft Beer bar at Petchaburi road, called The Fat Cow on the Roof (Update, it has changed owners since of October 2018), it has a similar selection of food and beers, but a rooftop view is always a nicer view than looking at Lad Phrao road in rush hour. The Fat Cow is truly one of the OG bars staying true to the craft beer scene in Bangkok. I highly recommend.

Location: Corner of Ladphrao soi 15
Fat Cow’s Facebook Page