The Fat Cow – Bang Wa Branch

Fat Cow Bang Wa Branch Outside

I have been a regular customer to legendary Bangkok craft beer place Fat Cow at Lad Phrao almost since the beginning. It was in one way or another one of my local hangouts and I have always enjoyed going there for a drink or five. There was the short story of Fat Cow on the roof that quickly got sold but now there’s finally a second branch in Bang Wa. This place opened at the end of 2019 and I’ve been meaning to check it out for a long time.

I went there in February 2020 and the first impression was that there are many similarities between the original one at Lad Phrao. It only took me a few seconds to start seeing and feeling the difference though. Whereas Fat Cow Lad Phrao always has been beer oriented they eventually got really popular for their food. Fat Cow Bang Wa seems to be a bit more about the food than the beer but craft beer is still very much in focus. I was a bit confused in the beginning where to find the beer list. Eventually, and ironically, I found the tap list at the exact same place as it is in Fat Cow Lad Phrao, above the entrance.

When I visited they had 8 different beers on tap including the Fort Gypsy Moth from Eleventh Fort and Behemoth Brewing, beers from Hophog, TwoTwen, and Paul’s beer. A decent list and the first time I walked through the premises I couldn’t find a beer fridge like in the Lad Phrao branch. A little later I walked through the place again and I found a fridge filled with beers from several different brewers, including Happy New Beer and Papa Tods. I have no idea how I could have missed it in the beginning. Unfortunately, they do not really have any of the difficult-to-find beers anymore that Fat Cow Lad Phrao was famous for.

Fort Gypsy Moth Eleventh Fort and Behemoth Brewing

Fat Cow Bang Wa is located in a very deep shophouse as opposed to the small corner spot of Fat Cow Lad Phrao. This makes it a bit less intimate and perhaps also a bit less social. I went in the afternoon so not sure how the atmosphere would be later in the evening. The decor is still very similar to the Lad Phrao branch. The small bricks on the wall, wooden tables, and a very similar menu.

Although the Lad Phrao branch will always the one and only original Fat Cow, it’s nice to have a Fat Cow even in this part of town. It’s a very nice spot to have a few Thai craft beers if you’re in the Bang Wa area.

The beers I had at Fat Cow Bang Na were the Fort Gypsy Moth from Behemoth and Eleventh Fort and a double dry-hopped IPA from Maelameird.